Selling Online The Simpler Way with Shoply :)

In Cloud Solutions, eCommerce, Web Development on November 14, 2010 at 3:21 am

Earlier this week a good friend of mine Eric DaSilva asked me to assist one of his relatives to get set up with a shopping cart in order to process sales on the web. This seemed like an excellent opportunity for me to do some good in tech and pass along good karma. The operation he wished to pursue seemed like a very simple one. Therefore, I went out and looked for a convenient, inexpensive and online business setup. Rather than email him an answer, I decided to post my research on this blog. Enjoy!

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Starting a small business from home can be tough. But with the many options out there like Shopify and Etsy, every day it’s getting easier and easier to get that business off the ground.

Last week I came across a new startup poised to make a dent in helping people get their small home businesses up and running. Whether you’re an artist, musician or just have something to sell, Shoply, a UK-based startup can definitely meet your needs.

Unlike Shopify, there aren’t any bandwidth or storage limits, not even a setup fee; it’s just a simple way to sell your wares online. The free version comes complete with your own Shoply URL and a slew of neat social features to always keep your customers informed; Not to mention setting up shop and selling either digital or physical products. Shoply does an amazing job giving you all your shops information in the simplest manner possible and even gives you some nice looking themes to tidy up your shop.

On your dashboard it displays your current orders, how many orders you’ve completed and how many products you have listed at any given time. It’ll keep track of your current inventory, and with the ability to link Shoply with all of your social profiles (blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc..) it’s one of the more social online shopping tools I’ve come across of yet.

The premium version in a nutshell, allows you to post and sell up to 50 products at a time (10 in free), lets you choose your own domain name, gives you access to new Shoply themes, lets you upload more images and finally; Shoply doesn’t take any commission off of your sales. All of this at about $20 a month.

Of course nothing is perfect; Shoply has some big downsides in regards to metrics. Shoply doesn’t have any sort of way to track how many visitors your shop gets, nor does it have any social metrics on how talked about your shop is on social networks. In essence, this is for the novice audience of online sellers. People who are really just getting started and looking for a place online to easily sell their creations.

Overall, with Shoply being out only a short time, it’s definitely on the right track, and with all of the support options given to its customers, if anything does go wrong, you definitely won’t be waiting long for a solution.

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