The Sturdy Suite™

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – We offer everything you need to build and scale customized social marketing engagements. SMM includes multimedia engagement, award-winning applications, breathtaking design, event maintenance and custom development for all industries.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Business owners agree that nowadays a growing number of advertising sales are being powered by product placement on the web. SEM is a leading local advertising practice powered by our partners at Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and Bing among others.

Mobile Multimedia Marketing (MMM) – The Success of Smart phones has led to a stampede businesses embracing ‘Apps’ as marketing tools. Our MMM suite easily builds and manages mobile campaigns; its marketing platform lets you to publish mobile websites and TV-like commercials.

E-Commerce Payments (ECP) – We are experts in electronic payments and can help you break into the field of mail-order credit card processing. We specialize in the development of custom database-driven shopping applications carts that sell 24/7 on your social networks, business website or on both.

Project Management (PM) – You delegate duties, not responsibility. Let our staff of experts connect and apply solutions that exceed your needs. To work effectively in today’s digital economy, your organization must align your resources with the technology delivery requirements of the enterprise of tomorrow.

Knowledge Management (KM) – We make the investment so you don’t have to. KM provides your business with targeted information collected from individuals, best practices, clients, competitors and other sources in a format that your team can use to improve the quality of your work.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – CRM turns information about customers into a rich source of ideas for performance improvement based on superior analytics, through innovative relationship programs, fully supported by customer-oriented processes, organization, and technology.

Website Design/Redesign (WD/R) – In the web industry, strategic design is key. If you’re not getting compliments on its strategy, re-designing your site will please your clients and will also improve the quality of your leads; boost your selling percentages, and increase new traffic through client referrals.

U. S. Hispanic – Sturdy Solution’s U.S. Hispanic market practice helps clients tap into the nation’s fastest-growing demographic. Our bilingual professionals develop communications programs at the strategic level that address levels of acculturation, language of preference and country of origin.

Outsourcing – We can assist you in setting up your outsourcing strategy. Business outsourcing often starts with IT outsourcing. The growing complexity of IT and the difficulty to find and retain trained IT staff are justifying the priority given to IT business process outsourcing services.

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